Top 5 Social Media Tools you MUST Use in Education

Even if you yourself are not directly connected through the various social media tools (facebook, twitter, periscope, ect.) we all know that social media is impacting our daily lives whether we want it to or not. Just as with everything, there are both positive and negative sides to the integration and usage of social media tools. When considering using the various tools in your own classroom it is important to remember to be a role model for your students, teaching them about digital literacy and the importance of making good choices. I hope that you find the resources I’ve created and shared within this post helpful as you search for the right tools for your classroom.

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Overview of Social Media tools- Classroom Integration and Building your PLN!

 Twitter: Making Global Connections with Ss and Tchrs in 120 Characters!

Periscope: Go “Live!” with your mobile device, anytime, anywhere!

Snapchat:Snap Authentic Learning in Real Time

Graphic Design Tools: Allow your students the opportunity to express themselves!

Instagram: Why does your classroom need Instagram?

Voxer: Connect in real time with this easy to use walkie talkie app!

Pinterest: Search from thousands of free resources available through Pinterest.

Please feel free to reach out if you need anything at all or have questions with regards to social media integration for professional purposes or into your educational setting.

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Happy Connecting!

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