Top 10 Things to BE as a New Teacher

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take on the beast that is known as teaching. One of the most challenging yet rewarding careers that a person can have. With nearly 15 years of teaching experience between Laura and myself we would like to take some time to share what we’ve learned in our time in the classroom. The first few years will certainly present challenges but also bring many rewards as well. Just remain patient and keep these tips in mind.

Great resource to reach out to:
Lisa Dabbs

You’re a New Teacher- Now What? – By Cassie Reeder
Edupassions Youtube Video

Empowering New Teachers To Thrive- By Lisa Dabbs
Edupassions Youtube Video

Laura and I are here to provide support and are always here to chat if you need anything!

Laura Collier –  // twitter: @reeder_cassie

Cassie Reeder-  //  twitter: @lauratxrose

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