Here goes nothing! My first blog post…

Alright. So here’s the truth. I’m a terrible writer, but a passionate educator, teacher leader, and go getter. I find that I am more and more intrigued by the fact that I can share my thoughts, and inspire and motivate other people to start doing things that they’re passionate about. I love seeing people work on themselves both personally and professionally, and it brightens my day when I see others taking chances and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. All of this being said to share my mission with this blog which I’m starting up. Once again, my writing skills are horrible! So if you’ve even made it this far let me first say that you’re a trooper, and I appreciate you taking a few seconds out of your busy day to read my personal thoughts.

Why start blogging now? Because I want to dIMG_6485ocument all of the crazy adventures that take place in the edtech / education aspect of my life. Over the past year I have grown so much because of the relationships and the connections that social media has brought to me. I feel that it’s a shame to not shout out some of the things that I’m learning daily which inspire and motivate me. It is my hope that within my rambles that you’ll learn about great people to follow on social media, find helpful resources, and most importantly feel supported, motivated and inspired to push yourself to be the educational leader that you’ve always (even if in secret) strived to be!

I leave you with a blog post by the always incredible (for lack of a better word) Sarah Thomas. She says the things that I hope to convey in a much better context, but it speaks to my heart, and I hope that you all enjoy it as well!

She’s the first person I highly recommend that you follow!

Twitter- sarahdateechur


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